Considering a Butt Lift? We Answer All of Your Questions

Butt Lift, Advanced Plastic & Hand Surgery

When gravity’s effects on your backside leaves you dissatisfied with your appearance and the fit of your clothes, it may be the right time to consider the benefits of a butt lift.

A butt lift is a surgical procedure that recontours your backside by removing excess skin to give you an overall toned look. The lift surgery tightens and smooths your skin, eliminating wrinkles and dimples on the surface.

Why you should consider a butt lift

If you’ve been going over in your mind the pros and cons of a butt lift procedure, it can help to understand why you may need one in the first place. A butt lift may be the ideal solution if you recently lost a significant amount of weight and wish to firm up your buttocks.

You may also want to consider butt lift if aging has caused loose, sagging skin that detracts from your happiness with your appearance.

Improving the contours of your butt can also rebalance your figure and give your self-esteem a boost. Clothes may fit better, highlighting a natural-looking figure.

What to expect during a butt lift

A butt lift surgery is typically an outpatient procedure and requires general anesthesia. When you come in for a consult at Advanced Plastic & Hand Surgery, Dr. Wimalawansa or Dr. Johnson creates a custom surgical plan to address your specific cosmetic goals. Your surgeon may even be able to perform a standard butt lift in conjunction with another enhancement procedure.

Generally, the surgical incision is made near or below your waist and runs hip to hip. This incision allows the surgeon access for excess tissue removal. He also tightens up the remaining skin, lifting your buttocks into a higher position. Your surgeon will also use specific surgical techniques to shape your backside and create a natural look that enhances your figure.

Once the incision is closed, it will be dressed in a sterile bandage. To improve healing, reduce swelling, and ensure proper circulation, you need to wear a compression garment immediately after surgery during the first week of your healing.

Expecting downtime

Soon after your surgery, you’ll be up and walking as much as possible to reduce the risk of blood clots. You can expect some pain and discomfort following your surgery, which can be relieved by prescription or over-the-counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories.

During your consultation, your surgeon can outline how long you can expect to be off from work and any limitations you may have as you heal. Typically, you should plan on avoiding strenuous exercise and activities during the first month after surgery.

Anticipating results

As with many types of surgery, some bruising and swelling are expected in the days after your procedure. These symptoms resolve as you heal, and results of the skin tightening become more apparent.

Over time, your results continue to improve. It can take 4-6 months to see optimal results, with toner, smoother skin and a younger-looking butt.

Through regularly scheduled follow-up appointments, your incision is checked for proper healing and your surgeon may suggest skin care regimens to reduce the appearance of scars.

Overall, a butt lift can be a highly effective method to restore a more youthful, firmer butt. If you’re otherwise healthy and considering a butt lift, now may be a great time to get started on your journey.


Schedule a consultation online or by calling us at Advanced Plastic & Hand Surgery to find out if a butt lift is the right option for you.

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