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Droopy eyelids and bags under your eyes that don’t resolve after a good night’s sleep are often part of the aging process. Dr. R. Michael Johnson and Dr. Sunishka Wimalawansa at Advanced Plastic and Hand Surgery serving Kettering, Ohio and Dayton, OH, are well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeons who can restore your eyes’ youthful appearance with blepharoplasty. And it may even help improve your vision. Call the office today for an appointment or try the convenient online scheduling service.

Blepharoplasty Q & A

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What is Blepharoplasty?

Aging causes your eyelids to stretch as the muscles supporting them weaken and excess fat accumulates above and below your eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, muscle, and fat from your eyelid area.

What Can Eyelid Surgery Treat?

With blepharoplasty, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wimalawansa can remove:

  • The sag from your eyebrow area
  • Loose skin that creates folds in the natural contours of your upper eyelids
  • Fatty deposits that cause a puffy appearance to your eyelids
  • Persistent under-eye bags
  • Drooping lower eyelids and fine wrinkles of your lower eyelids

How Can Eyelid Surgery Improve Vision?

Along with making you appear older and less alert, severely sagging skin around your eyes can actually block your visual fields and significantly decrease your peripheral vision. These issues are reduced or eliminated when excess skin is removed via blepharoplasty.

What Happens Before Surgery?

Before you schedule blepharoplasty, Dr. Johnson or Dr. Wimalawansa meets with you to explain the procedure in detail. This initial discussion includes a careful review of your medical history and questions about previous surgeries, your past or current medical conditions, and the medications and supplements you take regularly. You can also expect him to discuss what changes you can expect in your appearance after the surgery.

If you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery and decide you want to proceed, Dr. Johnson or Dr. Wimalawansa will perform a preoperative physical examination that typically includes vision tests, detailed measurements of your eyelids, and photographs that help Dr. Johnson or Dr. Wimalawansa plan the surgery.

How Long Does it Take to Heal from Eyelid Surgery?

Recovery time varies from patient-to-patient. Most patients report only minimal pain or discomfort following eyelid surgery, but the procedure can cause swelling and bruising that may take 10-14 days to subside. It also requires stitches that need postoperative care.

Otherwise, patients are typically asked to:

  • Avoid swimming for a week after surgery
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as aerobics and jogging for a week after surgery
  • Avoid heavy lifting for a week after surgery
  • Avoid using contact lenses for two weeks after surgery

If you’ve decided to combine blepharoplasty with another cosmetic procedure, your recovery may require other restrictions.