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Injuries to the tendons in your hands can make it difficult, or even impossible, to bend and straighten your fingers. At Advanced Plastic and Hand Surgery serving Kettering, Ohio and Dayton, OH, Dr. Sunishka Wimalawansa is a board-certified plastic surgeon, with additional specialized fellowship training and additional certifications in surgery of the hand and upper extremity, who specializes in hand injuries, including the surgical repair of tendon injuries. This well-respected physician can restore function to your hand, and his skill as a plastic surgeon significantly decreases the risk of scarring after surgery. Contact the clinic today for an appointment or schedule your visit using the online service.

Hand Tendon Injuries Q & A

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What are Hand Tendons?

Tendons connect muscles to bone and cause parts of the bone, such as your fingers and thumbs, to move when the muscle contracts. Muscles in your forearm move your fingers and thumbs and are connected to the bones via long tendons that travel through your wrist.

The tendons that straighten your fingers (extensor tendons) run along the top of your hand. The tendons that bend your fingers (flexor tendons) are on the palm side of your hand. Tough bands of tissue called tendon sheaths form tunnels that keep the tendons in place on your fingers and thumbs.

What Causes Injuries to Hand Tendons?

Both flexor and extensor tendons in your hands are very near the surface of your skin. A cut on your palm, back of the hand, arm, or fingers can sever tendons. When the tendon is sliced through and the ends pull away from one another, they lose their function as well as their ability to heal or grow back together.

Wrestling, rock climbing, and other activities that require a lot of arm and hand strength can cause injuries that stretch or tear these tendons. Certain health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis weaken the tendons, making them more likely to tear. Trauma sustained during work-related or automobile accidents are also common causes of hand tendon injuries.

What are the Symptoms of Hand Tendon Injuries?

The symptoms vary depending upon the extent of the damage and the tendon injured.

Extensor tendon injuries may cause:

  • Drooping of the end-joint of your finger (mallet finger) that occurs when the extensor tendon is cut or torn from the bone
  • The affected finger to remain bent at the middle joint (boutonnière deformity)
  • Pain and stiffness when trying to straighten your finger

Flexor tendon injuries may cause:

  • The inability to bend one or more joints of your finger
  • Pain when bending your finger
  • Tenderness on the palm side of your affected finger or thumb

What is the Treatment for Tendon Injuries?

Treatment varies widely from patient to patient and injury to injury. Complete tendon tears usually require surgery, but the procedure itself can differ. Tendons that are torn from the bone, for instance, require a different approach than those that are cut straight across.