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While it strikes over one million Americans annually, there’s a very high cure rate for skin cancer when it’s caught early. Whether you have a known cancerous lesion or concerns about an abnormal mole, you can trust the skill and expertise of Dr. R. Michael Johnson and Dr. Sunishka Wimalawansa serving Kettering, Ohio and Dayton, OH. These highly-regarded, board-certified plastic surgeons, with additional specialized fellowship training and additional certifications in surgery of the hand and upper extremity, lead the team at Advanced Plastic and Hand Surgery. They’re at the top of the list when it comes to accurately diagnosing and removing skin cancer. Call today for an appointment or schedule your visit online.

Skin Cancer Q & A

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What are the Different Kinds of Skin Cancer?

The three most common types of skin cancer are:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma

Basal cell carcinoma is by far the most common form of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States. Fortunately, it’s also the most easily treated skin cancer and responds very well to surgical removal. Sadly, the cases of more concerning types of skin cancer are increasing in the US, including squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

It’s important to take all forms of skin cancer or suspicious lesions seriously. Routine skin examinations are extremely valuable in helping identify skin cancer early. Early treatment is nearly always curative, even with the more worrisome types of cancer.

What is the Best Treatment for Skin Cancer?

Surgical removal (excision) is generally considered the most effective treatment for skin cancer. There are many options for excision, however, and the type that’s recommended varies according to the type of skin cancer you have as well as its location and size.

Your Advanced Hand and Plastic Surgery specialist may recommend:

  • Simple excision for small lesions with wound closure at the time of the procedure
  • Excision that includes freezing sections of the lesion for immediate pathology evaluation during the procedure
  • Mohs surgery, during which your surgeon shaves the skin cancer away one layer at a time, checking each portion for skin cancer before moving on to the next layer

Will There Be A Scar?

Quite often a cancerous skin lesion appears much smaller on the surface than its actual size and the wound left behind may be dramatically larger than you expected.

Fortunately, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wimalawansa are very skilled in plastic surgery, wound repair, and tissue reconstruction. These abilities mean they can greatly minimize the appearance of scarring at the surgical site. They may, for instance, choose to close the wound with a skin graft to speed healing and reduce scar formation. Your surgeon takes the time to discuss each option available to you during your initial visit/consultation.

Your best defense against skin cancer is often early diagnosis and treatment, and you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek the best possible care. Call Advanced Hand & Plastic Surgery today to schedule your appointment or use our patient-friendly online service to book your visit.